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Monthly Archives: March 2007

map of libya

map of libya

As Requested by Hala Z we will be covering Libya’s new venues, such as restaurants, hang out joints, and shopping areas. We’re currently in the planing and discussing phase. So be on the look out for this special segment.

Thanks Hala



Our first part of episode I received and keeps on receiving mixed reaction, from the far two extremes. Meaning we got cursed by few, and we got religious guidance as well as advice from many, which we truly appreciate, but then again we received many comments from the audience that loved it, because essentially it’s what LMTV is about, which is exhibiting reality, and bringing it to the surface, not necessarily advertise it because, at the end of the day, we’re all adults and we’ll make of it what we want, based on our background and interests. Therefore, we might consider giving it more air time in the future.

which originally was decided that it’s a common social habits practiced by any part of society, that is either popular or becoming popular. So far it’s still in the making, if you have any suggestions or ideas for this or for future episodes, please post your comments and we’ll make sure to put them into account.

Thank You.


a section where we usually witness an event that takes place throughout Libya and make sure to document it, the best way we can, and show the funny the interesting and the unusual and the unexpected.

For week 1: we documented a Rock concert at Al-Fateh University college of engineering in Tripoli, Libya. And we had the privilege to film and talk to a few talented musicians, who had minimal training and very limited knowledge of the English language.

is usually an interview that we will have with an everyday character ask them the usual plus a few interesting maybe embarrassing questions.

this is what we have for week 1:

a young man in at a coffee shop. Caught him talking on the phone with his girl friend, and asked him a couple of hot questions!