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as I was uploading our productions on dailymotion, I found this interesting documentary which show cases Libya’s current state, socially as well as economically. please post your comments!



  1. Salam, Hasent Hosni Bey been arrested recently?

  2. In as much as I am pleased to see the BBC, interest in my country, I find the documentary, in my opinion, very disappointing to me as a Libyan and, perhaps, would be more so, to those whom we are attempting to attract to visit, and ultimately invest in our economy. I suppose, I was expecting much better material coming from the BBC.
    For the record, we do have a much better business ambassadors, architects, economists, to promote and sell the Libyan economy, and attract International capital venture than Mr. El Bey.. Whether, he is still active, or in prison, is another matter.
    The fact of the Matter, the opposite is very true, that we, in Libya are different from our neighbors, because our neighbors, with the help of foreign investments, had transformed and propelled their commerce to walk in locksteps with that of several European Nations.
    As to those clips of the local store fronts, if I were an Italian, or Iranian, wanting to visit and establish a small business in Tripoli, this documentary, gave me something to wary about, and that is. Why are all those store fronts, in Suck Al Musheer seem to be closed down, and why we only see one Department Store, were there any other mid size Libyan businesses that the BBC could have visited to give a somewhat fare and balanced view…
    But, as a former Wal-mart store manager, and owner operator of two small businesses of my own, I commend those small entrepreneurs for their tenacity and enterprising spirit.
    So, As a former Correspondent, I sure expected much better journalistic work from the BBC.

    Abdulhamid Mustafa

  3. Just FYI , i would like to notify to Mr. Abdulhamid Mustafa that Mr. Husni Bey Husni is not in prison, he is in good health,active, working in his office and always smiling.
    Suppositions? Or wishes of pleasant stay….in prison.
    We need hundreds of Ambassadors like him promoting the goodwill of our country.

  4. Dear Mr.Abdulhamid Mustafa

    Are you aware of what you are saying?
    Well for me as a young business man, I would never be interested to see any of the ((much better business ambassadors)) that you have pointed out, more than Mr. husni bey, for godís sake the man built up a developed business empire on a deserted / virgin land. And he gave and is still giving work opportunities for more that 1000 family in whole Libya.
    Just one more thing (( jealousy makes people blind)).

    Best regards.


    • Shgarna Shishbani.
    • Posted September 28, 2007 at 1:22 pm
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    Crust toothpaste will guarantee you a sparkly green smile. Cute kid by tomato stand was the best shot…H.A.G. and Mister Mehdaoui’s extreme enthusiastic attitude is much needed.

    …it’s a start. Thank you BBC.

    Bil Tawfik InshAllah…

    Shgarna Shishbani.

  5. we have enough money in libya for everybody, the problem most libyan business men don’t know how to make money they only know how to steal it. Bey is good business men is not hard for anybody to be like him or better, all we need time. puls it was harder for bey to what he doing now few years back……..but now is more easy for everybody.

    I’ma catch up just give me a time span …


  6. Does Husni Husni Bey has an e-mail address ? (I suppose so)
    We knew each other very well in the 1970’s and 80’s, when I was a steamship agent in France.
    He is a cleaver and extremely straightforward fellow.
    If I had business to do in Lybia, I would not hesitate a minute to deal with him.
    Alain Genty

  7. nice program which can be improved … Libya simply needs time and also needs to be understood by the rest of the world.

  8. Mr.A.Mustafa, instead to show your impotence to arrive to build great jobs in Libya as Mr. Husni Bey is doing,try to have it as an example to how the Libyans should make also for the good imagine of the Great Jamaharyia and thanks to its Great Leader and his Great Family that with their real democracy and high level of intelligence,let ALL the libyans to show their capacity.You are 1 of ALL libyans so start to develop what it’s in your capacities.Realize that the only country worldwide where you won’t find anymore poor people asking charity,is where you are living;ask informations to how Libyans citizen were leaving once ALLAH didn’t yet acted his gift to Libya on the first of september 1969!!!!!Once you contest businesses people as Mr. Husni Bey or others,you are automatically contesting the results came from who is managing the country so take care and continue to hunter flies.Libya is a wonderful country and whoever gives a good imagine is welcome.FYI=I am not libyan but italian originaly from greece,I don’t know personaly mr.Bey but I’ve heard about him worlwide once we discuss about Libya after be pleased of the great sucess obtained by Libya thanks to your Great Leader and those success libyans people.BSSLAMA!!!!! samy

  9. Sorry mr. A.Mustafa,the libyans,as you,are those libyans that of sure don’t care about the country but only to its proper interest.Instead to contest mr.Bey,try to do something good for your country and don’t waist your time to resolve your problems in this direction.I should like to understnd what is your job?!Once a libyan create developments of good businesses,he gives an advancement of progressing to the country and where this is also the wish of the Ruler(Great Leader)that gave his heart and soul to arrive to let Libya and ALL libyans be comfortable and having a good life that you don’t find in many others countries.Libya is a real great success and worldwide knows very well all this so thanks to all those libyans that create development and after this is pacific that they get also their profits without any need to steal or cheating neiher 1 libyan.(have you ever heard that businsesses bring profit also working honestly?)I should be very pleased to know those Husni Bey similar libyans(as I could read upwritten that he is giving work to 1.000 family)If mr. Bey was an italian,the italian government were going to be proud of him so act a development and let the libyans be proud of you. good luck. samy

  10. Where is the problem to mr. A.Mustafa in contesting those libyans that with their developments are doing well for Libya and its people?Has Mustafa never heard that good businesses without any uncorrect action,brings also profits?Wishing that many Husni Bey will grow in Libya.If I am not wrong,there is a Gentleman that gave and is giving his heart and soul since 1969 last for let libyans having a good life and where since several years is a strong libyan reality.Perhaps this Gentleman is very glad of those Husni Bey and not very satisfied from those libyans that waist their time in contestations as themselves are not able to give any contribute at all to the country.BSSLAMA!! samy

  11. Libya is a wonderful country with wonderful citizens and wonderful management of the country.Mustafa,hgave a relax holiday and occupie your time for what you have to do and leave others live their life as no one had his life from you.Good luck and good relax.

  12. Libya is truely a wonderful country and libyans citizens are the best of all the arabs people;this is since ever.Now add that this wonderful country since 39 years ago started to have problems as the new president had and acted his philosophy for bringing Libya to the best conditions and where worldwide were against him because of sure all of them understood that he wasn’t an easy person and with a special grey material into his brain and giving an example worldwide to how manage a country and put his people in a comfortable life position as it’s a strong reality since several years;so once there are businesses people as mr.Bey,perhaps this mr.Bey is well and honestly working and giving good things to libya and where of sure the Great leader is satisfied of him and not from those people that contest him and also those others good libyans businesses men.Be proud to be libyan and occupie your time to try to do something good for your country.good luck mr.A.Mustafa. serge

  13. Mr. Husni Bey looks very nice.I appreciate his very simply and understable talking and his class in his behaviour that give sureness that he is a clean person.I am sure that there are others Husni Bey in Libya and of sure all of them encourage worldwide to make businesse with libya so I cannot understand which is the problem to mr.Abdelhamid Mustafa in contesting mr.Bey or his similars good libyan businesses men.Libya is a great reality thanks to his Great Leader that brought this unthinkable wonderful result to Libya and his citizens.Unfortunately I am italian and unfortunately we don’t have a special mind as your President and we live in serious difficulties always more so leave many Husni Bey grow in Libya as they are also giving developments to the country and a good imagine to it and authomaticaly to whom strongly brought libya in this wonderful reality with many efforts since he was 27 years old.Good luck to all libyans. fausto

  14. I am totaly agree with samy bin naim as he is correct once he says that contesting good businesses men as Husni Bey authomaticaly it’s the same of contesting who is managing the country of libya as these businesses people give development to the country and good imagine and also work to the people(my compliments to mr.Bey(1.000 families?|WAO!Great!Come in italy,we need people as you are)Libya is really lucky to have had a genius as a gift from Allah on 1969 as since many years ago,libyans are having a comfortable life(thanks to him>>>he is correct in saying that pepsi cola and coca cola are africans|||)that it is not very easy today worldwide.Wishing to libya to have always more people as mr. Bey.Ciao libya. fausto

  15. I can note that too many peolpe from differents countries are defending mr. bey against mr. mustafa contestation to bey’s confront.What does mr. mustafa thinks reguards the comments he can find here?he just did a contestation to bbc and bey and after this,he disappeared|I am agreed that bey is a sure good person and the fact of giving work to 1.000 families is something great!!I’ve heard about libya and libyans and always heard that they are considered the best of all arabs people and I couls note this fact once libyans come for their holidays here in greece;never made problems and very gentle and all of them declare that they are proud of their president and considering him the most great of all arabs presidents.I could note that the libyan president started to hold libya on 1969 and I was borned on the same year;perhaps it was a blessed year…Mustafa should have a holiday in greece for having a good relax.Bey looks like an actor star,are all libyans so?Do the greeks need a visa for visiting libya…?good many bey in libya.marine.

  16. G’day everybody

    I knew Husni Bey for more than 10 years now. He is an honest striaght forward gentlman who I admire and respect alot. Actually, I had a chance to know him on a personal level as a friend and a businessman and I can assure, Mr A.Mustafa and many like him, that thousands of families been supported by Mr Husni Husni bey and I haven’t met a single person who had any feeling of hate or unhealthy jeliousy towards him. I think he is not only a great embassador to the Libyan economy but also he is a good mentor for many LIBYAN young businessmen who they are thought and still thriving in his school and I AM ONE OF THEM. So, Mr Mustafa!!! either join the club or RIP.

  17. I love watching this documentary video just as much as I love listening to my radio….

    However, for those who wants to explore Libya, visit

  18. For all of you who are saying the owner of “The Bey Group” is this and is all that.
    check out this website:

    what kind of a successful company would have a web page that is a ready made template. they even didn’t care or did not know how to change the text.

    it’s either stupidity or under-education!

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