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one of the most popular kinds of videos on YouTube about Libya are the photo slide shows, which at first seemed great seeing all those beautiful fascinating rare photos of architecture and nature. But at some point we started looking at the artistic aspect of each video, and most of them lack synchronization between the music and scenery, and the pictures are not closely related. Of course most makers of those videos are amateurs that lack editing experience as well as artistic taste, but what they don’t lack is the love for their country because they are mostly driven by nostalgia. None the less, there are some videos that we liked, therefore we give our LMTV PRIZE to Tarek Alwan for the video titled “Magnificent photos from Libya“.



  1. Thank you for your kind comment about my video.
    I have to say that I am a professional but at least I think that I did my best to show & share some of Libya’s tourist attractions to the world.

    By the way Big Thank You for the LMTV PRIZE.

    Tarek Alwan

  2. I would like to clarify something which I have written above, therefore please accept my apology, as I meant that I am NOT a professional.

  3. A very big thank you Tarek. You are a wonderful representative of our great Libya. This effort has a great value for me as a Libyan and as a normal human being. It is a good contribution to the world community, by adding a very nice and respectable work. I wish you all the best in both; life and work.

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