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For most bloggers being known and recognized is always dependent on originality and creativity of their blog content as well as traffic. Web traffic is¬ very vital in making a blog more popular than another. If you’ve ever wondered how popular you are, all it takes is one visit to Technorati website, they measure popularity by the number of other blogs linking to you. All you have to do is put your full URL address for us it’ll be and make sure you select in blog directory from the drop down menu. You’ll get your ranking and how many links you have as well as who linked to you. It’s great, our popularity is growing but it’s funny to be ranked #750,904 blog with 6 blogs linking to us (thanks to all of them), as opposed to #7 the engadget blog with 27,180. Our ranking is not bad at all, knowing that there’s around 70000000 blogs!


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