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Monthly Archives: May 2007

the Libyan society fluctuated and is now more diverse economically more than ever, Translation = a bigger income gap. The differences do not seem too apparent compared to other societies, but the change seems rather obvious than previous years. Here’s a video featuring حاتم الكور that gives a snippet of the life of the Fabulous Life of the Rich and Famous in Libya.


Finals Week

Finals week, also known as tension time, stress producer, fun is over time, “this sux”. How do you cope with such stress? is it healthy to let it possess your every thought, or is it better to remedy that with fun activities then get back to the real deal. I was just wondering how you people do it, since that’s the highlight of our week, hopefully all goes well, till it’s over, please share your thoughts on how you deal with exams and finals week. Maybe you’ll get a patent for best remedy or strategy!