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i’m 100% sure you’ve missed us, I mean we’ve done an amazing job entertaining some of you guys, and getting on the bad side of many of you. Lets face it, with our random off the top ideas, 1 on 1 interviews and our presentation of chaotic concerts, it’s bound to make you hooked on us. And just like any smart drug dealer, We hit you with our best stuff and left you hanging for a while anticipating our next product.

And since we’re not drug dealers, we do apologize for making you wait so long, but a lot has changed, we have obtained the necessary equipment and even better than what we started with. but since we’re in the midst of planning our next hit, we’re gona leave you with a tiny entertaining skit we’ve made, it’s called “shoes, hat and a pen”

enjoy, and please comment, and leave any suggestions, because we’re very open to ideas for our upcoming productions.

Everything you’ll add will be highly considered.

Thank you,


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