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The 3rd segment of each episode is going to be dedicated to exibiting a Libyan social habit. For week 1, we did a segment covering car crusing. In which we focused on the traffic in one of the busiest streets in Gergarish. The mode of filming was a bit different than what we did for part 1 and 2. We hope you’ll enjoy it, all our video productions are a click away on page Episode 1. But for your convenience it’s down here.



  1. And I thought traffic jams were terrible in London!!
    at least here in the UK cars drive in straight lines, something that Libyan cars do not do! and as for the traffic policeman, Allah protect him, I really wouldnt like to do his job.
    Thank you, it was nice to see Gegarish where I grew up but left many many years ago.

  2. Wow Gargaresh’s traffic jam looks quite exotic. Like A.Libyano it makes me nostalgic. I could not help notice the camera person videotaped from a single high location. Zoomed in & out quite a few times, music was enticing & rather esoteric, however I really appreciated hearing the ambience sound at the end of the clip.
    My big q is how comfortable are you guys videotaping in the street, in public etc…?
    You also have yet to respond to my last email
    be well, stay creative & have fun

  3. So this is the blog of libyan mentality tv!!! You have commented on my blog but I never had a chance to check out yours sorry but I have watched your videos on youtube.

    Just wanted to tell you I love your videos. I don’t know Libya that well so these videos help so much.

    The traffic video is just outrageous. Still can’ figure out why they drive that way. Is it so hard to drive like you’re not out to get killed!!

    Keep doing what your doing. I’m here to support you!!

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