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One of the most annoying, but strangly addictive hiphop hits, Soulja Boy “Crakn that”. A nice video clip below shows, that even kids dance to it!


A little bit outdated, but very informative.

Tarek Al-Taib (Taib) remains the most prominent player in the Libyan football. I wonder who else is that exceptional or talented. I would like to know who’s your favorite player, and local team. Lets see who has the most fans.

Enjoy Eltaib’s goals below.

Economic and Social Change is all what the talk is about when it comes to Libya recently. Some see it some don’t. Plenty of construction plans, and micro project funding. How realistic is it really?

The documentary below investigates the reality of change. In it we see the opinions of:

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi: Head of Gaddafi Development Foundation

Shukri Ghanem: Previous Prime Minister, Currently Chairman of Libyan National Oil Company (NOC)

Palms of Janzour we’re not sure how to measure our success, cause it all relies on you, yes You, the viewer, and so far we haven’t seen much feedback from our viewers, to be precise the blog readers. We did get plenty of positive feedback as far as comments from youtube viewers, they’re mostly short and limited, but we’re thankful that most were positive, and we’re still counting on you readers to tell us all of your thoughts regarding the 3rd part of episode 1.