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Part 1:

is usually an interview that we will have with an everyday character ask them the usual plus a few interesting maybe embarrassing questions.

For week 1:

a young man in at a coffee shop. Caught him talking on the phone with his girl friend, and asked him a couple of hot questions!

Part 2:

a section where we usually witness an event that takes place throughout Libya and make sure to document it, the best way we can, and show the funny the interesting and the unusual and the unexpected.

For week 1:

we documented a Rock concert at Tripoli, Libya’s Al-Fateh University college of engineering in Tripoli, Libya. And we had the privilege to film and talk to a few talented musicians, who had minimal training and very limited knowledge of the English language.

 Part 3:

a section dedicated to social habits of Libyans. Weather new or old, traditional, or just started, we will document it.

For week 1:

we filmed cruising, which is the act of driving around in the streets just for the fun of roaming around. We filmed one of the busiest streets in Gergarish, for a couple of hours, and we were lucky to witness a few interesting events.



  1. salam alikom

    you got the talent to be a photographer

    I live outside of libya

    so please keep filming this lovely place on EARTH

    because i really miss it
    specially Gergarish on Thursday sunset time

    wa alikom el salam wa rahamt allah wa baraktoh

  2. nice work guys i wish you the best of luck you are very talented

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