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For those stuck finding a way to make subtitles show up permanently on your video, especially for youtube, iphone, or ipod videos. you can easily do that by following the steps in the video below.


Tarek Al-Taib (Taib) remains the most prominent player in the Libyan football. I wonder who else is that exceptional or talented. I would like to know who’s your favorite player, and local team. Lets see who has the most fans.

Enjoy Eltaib’s goals below.

Economic and Social Change is all what the talk is about when it comes to Libya recently. Some see it some don’t. Plenty of construction plans, and micro project funding. How realistic is it really?

The documentary below investigates the reality of change. In it we see the opinions of:

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi: Head of Gaddafi Development Foundation

Shukri Ghanem: Previous Prime Minister, Currently Chairman of Libyan National Oil Company (NOC)

The simple Facts about Barack Obama:

Age: 46

Born: Honolulu, Hawaii

Father: Kenyan

Mother: American

Graduated: Columbia University and Harvard Business.

Political Party: Democratic

He is the 5th African American in the US Senate. And Currently the only African in the US Senate.

International Experience: Lived 4 years in Indonesia

Books: 2 best sellers, Dreams from My Father, and The Audacity of Hope.


How big of a chance do you think he has to be the next President of the United States?

Please share your views and thoughts

Posted below is the new LMTV intro and outro which convey the new look we redesigned for LMTV. To portray the change and progress being done in Libya. We will be filming man of the week segment  for Episode 2 very soon. As a matter of fact tomorrow (Mar 5th) is the initial interview session. And for those of you who might know him or have been to his place. I’ll give you a hint that might give you an idea what the episode is going to be about. (OXYGEN)